Corporate Governance

Manserv is governed by the Corporate Governance system, with an independent Board of Administration and President who set forth the strategies and orient the company to guarantee management reliability for stakeholders.
Additionally, it is proud of its moral and ethics principles in the conduction of its actions and work relations, governing itself with integrity, respect and transparency.
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Integrated Management Policy

Code of Conduct

Safety, Environment and Health

Manserv is aligned with the best market practices, and it permanently improves its performance by means of a Health Directive Plan, which orients preventive actions in the Work Health environment, with extensions to the Environment and Functional Health.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a strategic attitude expressed in Manserv´s principles and values. The company is responsible for assuring that the workplace is managed from a human point of view, in a fair and safe way for everyone.

Social Responsibility Policy

We Are All Manserv

Committed to offer fair and equal work opportunities, we launched the We Are All Manserv Program. The program objective is to guarantee a work environment originated by a diversity of participants and accessibility for people with disabilities, apart from proposing challenges which encourage their development and inclusion through team work.
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Our positions for PWD