Manserv Fleet uses technology to measure equipment productivity and reduce operating costs


ManservFleet system represents intial savings of R$500k per year

When it comes to industry 4.0 in the logistics industry, telemetry is the technology that plays an important role in asset management. In this scenario, Manserv Logistics, a specialized company in intralogistics, moving, warehousing and inventory management services, has invested in the development of a mobile equipment productivity measurement system using telemetry data. The innovation represented a cost reduction of R$500k per year for the company, in the first month of implementation.

Manserv works with productivity measurement contract models, in which the customer pays for the service according to the physical availability and hours worked of each machine. The system, called ManservFleet, was developed to automate the closure of these measurements and also provide operational management tools. Available in May of this year, it was initially implemented in 183 road transport and internal logistics equipment, which operate in the Steel, Base Industry and Distribution Centers segments, in clients from the states of Rio de Janeiro, Maranhão and Bahia.

In addition to being available on a web platform, there are two versions of applications, ManservFleet Analytics for operational and financial management, and ManservFleet Driver, used by operators through Tablets docked in machine cabs. “With this technology, we are able to streamline measurement closure by taking place in real time and increase transparency in data accounting through audits performed by our customers,” says Caroline Pereira, engineering manager at Manserv Logística.

Safety and efficiency

Telemetry is a great ally for increasing security in logistics processes. With equipment monitoring it is possible to evaluate in real time how driving is performed, activate dangerous driving mode and also receive detour alerts. In addition to all this, the ManservFleet Driver app also provides attention tests to measure operator concentration prior to the start of the shift, equipment checklists, work instructions, and a module to pinpoint any incidents that may have occurred. during operation. In this module, the operator can take photos of what happened and then upload it to the app for the knowledge of all involved.

Technology and innovation are part of Manserv’s business model growth and transformation strategy, “All of our innovations are focused on increasing our efficiency levels, without neglecting the safety of our employees, which is one of our top priorities” explains Caroline.

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